All found great homes!!!

Kids & colts both curious of each other and of course faithful Belle being the protector, not wanting the kids to get hurt, she stays right by their side...An Aussies loyalty!!!

*~* 2005 Foals *~*
Cool Shady Kat is the sire to these foals.
Sire can be seen along with his pedigree on the Stallion's page.
These have all gotten great new homes...

AQHA~Shady Cloud foaled March 21st, she has a grullo filly (Gracee).
She moved to Wisconsin Thanks to the Murphey's!!!
Shady Cloud

APHA~A Glimmer Of Sunshine foaled March 22nd, she has a champagne stud (Chasm).
Moved to Minnesota Thanks Deb & Brian!!!
A Glimmer Of Sunshine

AQHA~Quincys Otoe Cierra foaled March 22nd, she has a grullo stud colt (Dally). Moved to Minnesota Thanks Deb & Brian!!!
Quincys Otoe Cierra

APHA~Hard Start foaled March 10th, she has a red dun filly (Luci).
Will be staying in SD. Thanks Jenny!!!
Hard Start

AQHA~Quincy Dude Medalion foaled May 13th.
He moved to New Jersey, Thanks Chris!!!
Quincy Dude Medalion

APHA~Skipa Klamity Rose foaled May 19th, she has a champagne filly (Chambray).
She moved to Pennsylvania, Thanks Helen!!!
Skipa Klamity Rose

AQHA~Tru Blackburn Breeze foaled June 4th, red dun filly (Maggie).
She moved to Michigan, Thanks Nikki!!!
Tru Blackburn Breeze

AQHA~Quincy Rollin River foaled July 30th, she has a grullo filly KK Cool Quincy Kat #4724417 aka~(Madison)...
Moved to TX, Thanks Diane!!!
Quincy Rollin River