"2007 Foals are all SOLD"

AQHA~Cierra foaled a grullo filly (Gabbi Otoe B Cool #4994364)aka~Gabbi on April 14th.
She moved to Snowflake, AZ. Thanks a bunch Midge!!!

APHA~Spitfire foaled a grullo BS stud (Windbreaker).
He moved to Snowflake, AZ. Thanks a bunch Stan & Diane!!!

AQHA~River foaled a grullo stud (Garth) colt on April 16th. He moved to Linton, ND.
Thanks Terry & Deb!!!


APHA & ICHR~Nibbles foaled a grullo BS filly (Kool Kat Ashwood #942230)aka~Chauncey on May 7th. She moved to Effie, MN. Thanks Deanne!!!   Pedigree

AQHA~Breeze foaled a grullo filly (Cool Bree Blackburn #5002385)aka~Bree on May 18th. Bree moved to Sprindale, WA. Thanks Shasta!!!

AQHA~Chesney foaled a grullo filly (Quincys Mizzskylar #5002384)aka~Skylar on May 18th. Skylar moved to TX. Thanks Omar!!!

APHA~Klamity foaled a BS Champagne filly June 15th.
Chloe stayed in SD & has a great home with Rex & family!!!

AQHA~Shady foaled a dun filly (KK Dun N Lexie #5002555)aka~Lexie on June 20th.
Lexie moved to Snowflake, AZ!!! Thanks Diane!