~2016 Foals~
All 2016 Foals out of Prime Skip Hancock & all found homes!

**If you can't find what your looking for here please check out the FOR SALE page! I have friends with, bay roan, buckskins, blacks, palominos, sorrels & broke, bred mares!
Please Inquire!

APHA~Kachinas Impression has a black breeding stock stud colt! Spotz R Over Rated #1064249~aka~Jett moved to CA! Thanks William!!

Kachinas Impression Pedigree

AQHA~Shady Cloud has a blue roan filly KK Azure A Quincy #5753913~aka~Azure with black head and legs! Azure was born May 19th. She is built well and has a good pedigree! She 5 panel tested all N/N except N/G! Azure moved to CA. Thanks Rio!!

Shady Cloud Pedigree

APHA~A Glimmer Of Sunshine has a amber champagne breeding stock stud colt! Hez Skipn Spotz #1064250~aka~Klay was born May 27th. Klay moved to CA. Thanks Stephanie!

A Glimmer Of Sunshine Pedigree

AQHA~Ericas Dream Girl has a blue roan filly! KK Sheza Shady Blu #6777928 aka~Arabella was born June 27th! She moved to WI. Thanks Kelley!

Ericas Dream Girl Pedigree

AQHA~Quincy Rollin River has a filly! KK Quincy Shady Adel aka~Adel moved to WV. Thanks Britt!

Quincy Rollin River Pedigree

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