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Thanks to All who bought a horse or puppy! We appreciate the pictures & updates sent to us! Keep them coming...

Poco moved to CA and they think he is the best horse ever...Yes, I love My little colt!!! Kathy was very honest and trustworthy. I got everything I expected and am satisfied. My colt was well mannered the minute he walked off the trailer. He was clipped up and his feet were done. He was in perfect health/weight. (they do loose some weight from the stress of the trailer ride if shipped far away) My 3 yr. old son runs up to him and gives him hugs, leads him and lets me walk him with My son on his back. The colt is filling out nicely, beautiful head. He is easy to work with. He learns things the first time you show him. He drives, lunges, knows all verbal commands and saddles. He lets me sit on him for 10 ins at a time. He is still to young to ride but well started. He is good for the farrier. He was raised around dogs. My vet came out to geld him and said "wow he sure has a great temperament" he lets you do anything to him. The 1st time I put the blanket on he stood still. same with the saddle. Only crow hopped once!!!!
People tell me how beautiful he is all the time. he is growing a lot right now. If I were to get another paint I would probably get one from them again. He is a very mellow ranch raised horse. I can't wait to start riding him. Here is a PIC of him when he just turned 1 yr. he will be 2 in May. Good luck, Bentley

Zipper moved to CT and has a new friend Sassy and a new family that thinks he's pretty special!

Hi Kathy,
You are going to laugh but I take Zipper every Saturday morning to a "puppy play group." My 7 year old daughter goes with me. There are about 50 puppies of all breeds that are turned free and well supervised inside this large building. The oldest puppy is 6 months. At first Zipper was overwhelmed. Now he goes nuts as soon as we pull in the lot. There are other full size Australian Shepherds there. It is so fun to see them play with each other.

Get ready, there's more. He starts "puppy kindergarten" on November 4th. The entire family is going. The class is more for the humans than for the dogs. They teach the owners what to do in certain situations and what not to do. They teach the dogs basic manners before they go to the first level of obedience. He IS quite the character. We love him.


Beauty moved to CO and Lynne & George think the world of her...

Hi Kathy,
Guess who these two people may be?
Beauty is doing great under saddle. Nothing bothers her, and she loves to please. From the first day she was saddled and a rider on her back, she has been perfect. Exactly what Lynne needed since her 14 year old QH gelding threw her and see ended up with three fractured vertebrae. She was reluctant to ride again, but I kept telling her "You've got to ride Beauty. She is perfect in every way."


Dustin moved to MT as a Birthday present for Amber...I think she likes him!!!!

So just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Dustin is doing super. Wow did we end up with a heck of an animalÖ. He is loved by all and loves all, he is a little doll face. And to our surprise he had already pasture bred my big roan mare and the mare that we had used to test him took that day as well. So we had a bit of a surprise in January, my mare foaled out one heck of a critter. No one has any guesses on color, we are leaning towards a roan but who knows. He is gray on the bottom, black on the top and has dun points. What a little spitfire though, didnít take after Dad that is for sure!!! He has phenomenal confirmation and killer canon bones. The next mare is due in April and then my husbandís mare is due in July so we will have 3 foals on the ground from him. I know I have been promising pictures, I will get you some one day.
He is currently at the trainer, we had done all of the ground work but the wedding last summer took up most of the time. The trainer would write me a check today if I would sell him to her. Too bad So sad he is my boy!!! She had only ridden him for 2 weeks and asked us to come get on him.
I rode him 7 months pregnant without a hitch. I think we will get him back this weekend and then
Lee is going to ride him out the rest of the summer and off to the roping trainer he goes.

Tell me how things are going for you?!

Chet moved to CA and the Walker Family seem very happy with him...
Hi Kathy,

He arrived safe. He didn't seem to be scared or upset at all. He just wanted to play and hug. He's even more wonderful than I imagined. Thank you! I'd be happy to provide a reference if you ever need one. I'm very happy with Chet.
Thanks again,

Best wishes,


Griffey moved to CA and the Lofland Family think that he is pretty special...

Hi Kathy,
Here you go. Like I told you we couldn't be happier. His personality matches his looks. We named him Griffey.

Thanks so much for everything!!!

Hi Kathy,
Griffey is the most well behaved, well adjusted puppy I have ever seen. He is so good it's almost scary.
I taught him how to stay in about 3 10 minute sessions. I taught him how to sit in 2 minutes.

he comes when he's called. he's well socialized with people and other dogs. he is so perfect for us.

He doesn't like to be left alone. that is the only time he barks or howls. So we started leaving the other dog outside more to keep him company and that worked. Huey doesn't get to be inside as much but that is only for a little while.

His disposition is so good for a 10 week old puppy. He is a biting machine though. I need to work on that. Any suggestions?


Lucie moved to NV and is full of mischief but so loved by Kimberly and her family...


Thank you so much for selling Lucie to me. She is the
best thing that happened to me and her cute
personality fits very well with our family. She is
always into something, but that just makes her so
Once again thank you so much

Sincerly, Kimberly

Jag moved to WV and Aminah just loves him...

Hi Kat & Mike,
"Jag my new breeding stallion is magnificent. Thank you Kathy and Mike for your honesty, integrity and generously sharing your horse knowledge. We hope to be back for a filly or a mare..."


Josie moved to CA to help with Kim's flock of sheep...

Dear Kathy,
Just a short note to let you know Josie is doing fine. She sleeps through the night and is getting more independent. She is so cute and loved very much. Trying to teach her not to bite, she loves to bite at our heels which I know is part of her herding instinct. She loves watching the sheep.


Hi, Josie loves watching the sheep and I was told from a trainer that she has great instincts. I have to wait till she is at least a year old to have formal training. They want her to be just a puppy for awhile. I will keep you informed. Kim