~*~Customers & Comments~*~
We want to Thank All who bought a horse or puppy from us. We appreciate the pictures & updates sent to us. Keep them coming...

Sidney moved to CA and Lane & her Grandmother think she's the greatest...

She is such a great girl I love her to death...I send everyone your web site!
Thank you and will keep you up to date on her.


Snazzy moved to MT and Kristina is very happy with him and even showing him...

I'll try to get some good pics of me and snazzy sometime, maybe me riding him, he's such a good guy he got the nick name gentle ben. He has such a great little western pleasue trot and he lopes a little fast, but working on slowing it down and I haven't had to work on his head set, he has got a natural head set which is nice.


Hello Kathy
I got Smokey today 12/15/04 and he's nice I like him, I was going to ask you have you ever made him back up or saddled him or anything like that he seems to know how to back a little but were going to work on that its no problem hes fine well I sure do appreciate you being honest with me on the horse and you will be happy in about 2 years when i send you a video of him hes going to be super nice. It was nice Doing business with you and maybe we will do it again some time

Hello Kathy
Was looking at your website yesterday and looked at the stuff you have of smokey and I thought I would email you and give you some more Information on him and an update. Hes doing really well has learned everything fast and hes smart got him spinning and he has a really nice stop. Started roping on him a few weeks ago and he really likes cows runs right to them and does whatever you ask of him. Was playing with him the other day and thought I would teach him to lay down and in about 2 weeks I got him to lay down its pretty neat I will send you some more pictures hopefully by the end of next week. Hope all is well and look forward to talking to you again soon.

We kept the same name and he is doing very, very well. What a personality! He has adjusted well and is so good when we have a group of neighbors over.
He has taken to Marla to the point they are nearly joined at the hip. I'm attaching a few pictures, and will send you more as he progresses.
We went to the vet on Tuesday...he weighed in at 13.8 pounds. A real porker. The Dr. said his vision was fine in the left eye, and he suspects it will correct itself, or at least become much better. I feel I see a difference already.
The house training is going very nicely, and today he had no accidents inside; only a tinkle on the pool deck.
We are tickled to death, and the envy of the neighborhood.
Will touch base with you soon...

Ghost's paper's arrived today, and we're appreciative.
I'm convinced we got the smartest puppy ever! We have him 3 weeks today and he's house trained, except for the occasional "excitement" tinkle when someone comes to visit, and does he get company! The entire street comes to see his progress; he's the hit of the neighborhood.
I am so glad I found him when cruising the net that night, and we saw that mug, we were hooked.
We have quite a renowned dog trainer right here on the island and plan to take him to obedience classes soon. The man claims he will teach him "social skills," so everyone has a better time with our new friend.
We will keep in touch.
Bob & Marla Gornall

Hi Kathy & Mike,
We want you (and everyone else!!) to know how very happy we are to have found you. Our two girls are just lovely - both in body and sound temperaments! They cause heads to turn everywhere we go. Honestly, we can not take them to town without people continually stopping us to chat!
It is very rare to find dogs that have been socialized as thoroughly as our own puppies - but Kathy, you have outdone yourself! We stand amazed by these girls confident and endearing personalities. They are extremely smart and quick learners! Incredible with our children, excellent with our farm animals, fantastic watchdogs but once we say "enough" they are friendly and sweet-tempered...
We really can't thank you enough for these little loves... We highly recommend you and your puppies, and if anyone would like to contact us, you are most welcome to pass our email along! Thank you again, we love them both with all our hearts! Here are a few photos of our wild crew!
Dan & Jacque
RunAmok Farm

Yes they are finally here!! They just arrived here about half an hour ago and my boyfriend says that he just loves them!! I haven't seen them yet because I am still here at work. They got here safe and sound and we are just so excited!! Thank you very much for everything and we will still keep buying horses from you. We are definetely still interested in them grullo babies and we will keep checking your website to see if you post any more recent pictures of them babies. Thanks a lot for everything and we are very happy with our purchase!! Thanx Kathy.

Joaquin & Magali purchased a red dun yearling from us and a chestnut yearling filly from our good friend Lisa. I'm hoping they send us a picture to put here also...but sounds like they like them?

Bunny moved to WA & is loved by all & especially by Elisabeth!!

Rusty moved to ME and is very loved by all...
Kathy & Mike
Rusty is great with the animals and he loves the frizbee!!!! He is so sweet, he loves my lap. LOL I will try to call again so we can chat. Thank you for our beautiful boy. Cathy

Dunni moved to FL and seems to enjoy the sun...he's the guy in the visor!!!
Kathy & Mike,
He is wonderful and not spoiled yet, but happy!!! Sunni plays with him, Rosie, well....she is Rose, and kind of just passes him by right now. Thanks,