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Thanks to all who purchased a horse or puppy! We appreciate the pictures & updates sent to us! Keep them coming...

Maggie moved to MI & has found a great family who's very happy with her...
Hi Kathy,
Got my pictures back today and wanted to send some to you. Maggie is really growing! The weanling halter is no longer an option, we we've moved on to a nice red one.
She is pretty quiet still - I can touch her all over, stand directly behind her petting her rump, rub her with a lead rope & halter that has metal hardware and is noisy, you can also use a stick to touch all over. She is extremely easy to catch & halter!
When playing she can REALLY run - just digs right down to go.
Maggie has taken to ponying along side my gelding (can't remember if I passed that info on before). At first she lagged behind but soon caught right on and walks or trots with her head at my knee. Our last time out she was a bit unsure of the rows of big round bales (they eat horses when in the hayfield). But she has walked over plywood, tarps and steps over poles.

This weekend I introduced her to the saddle blanket. At first we started with it folded small, she danced a little at first but then decided it was to hot move much. We ended with the blanket fully open, flopping it all over from the length of her neck to pulling down & off her backside. I also let it hang longways off her back, then reached under her belly to grab the off-side and see-sawed it along her midsection.
She is also wearing a flymask - no problems at all. I just walked up to her, let her sniff it and put it on her.

You could not have picked a better natured filly to learn with. Maggie is perfect and beautiful! She has maintained her confirmation and dainty neck...the barring on her legs is to die for. Definately a keeper!

Enough braggin for now...
Take care,

Dash On Rebel (Red) moved to MA and sounds like he'll have a home for life...hope to have a picture of him coming soon!

Ok you got me going now..let me tell you what a smart little bugger he is... if we're out trail riding with a few horses and we come to a hill...he stops dead to give them a headstart so he can run down...no matter what i do he does that, so funny, another thing is that I sneak into the barn if he's not in his stall..and go to his door and give him a yell and he comes tearing thru the paddock to see me...and if i have him somewhere and leave him with a friend to watch while i run off somewhere, to get a soda or whatever..they say he stares in the direction I took off the whole time and starts whinnying...he is soooo smart...I have had so many people that want to buy him, but I won't sell him...he is a character...he moves off the leg, doesn't like any pressure on his face...never thru a buck when I broke him, he's just so naturally smart....incredible....

Dakota moved to RI and looks like she has adjusted quite well, she has new playmates & has found a good home as well...

Diamond moved to OH & she's really turned into a nice filly & found a great home with Peggy...

Aurora moved to MI and they are so pleased to have found her...

Scarlett is now Aurora, and she is doing wonderfully (still a few accidents in the house). She is starting puppy kindergarten tonight, and I can tell that she is very excited!!
She has been doing great with the cats, or more so...the cats are doing great with her.
She is an amazing little dog, and we are happy that we found her!!
Thank you so much,
Brad & Azsa

Dude moved to KS and will be hitting the show circuit...

Hi Kathy & Mike,
"Kool Cat's" personality is real laid back and easy going, stands up nice and ties, never pulls back...he gives his feet when asked..people that see him are so impressed with him
"Sunquest Cool Kat", 2004 slate grullo stallion. "Cool Kat" is AQHA, ABRA and IBHA registered and being shown this year. He is Homz. for the black gene which means he will never produce a sorrel or red dun foal. He has very easy going manners and willing to work with you. "Cool Kat" has a real nice head, ears, big hip and front end that is filling out every day. We expect him to mature to 15 to 15.1hh and weight around 1300lbs. "Cool Kat" will be standing to a few mares at "Sunquest Farms" in the year 2006. His Working Cow training will continue after that along with competition.

Gus moved to CN & he's loved by the Burkell Family...

Hi Kathy & Mike,
Just thought I would give you a quick update on Gus. We just started puppy classes last night and that should be interesting. Gus learns very quickly and is very smart - he outsmarts us quite a bit. He has grown so much since we have picked him up, but he is still really cute. Whenever we are out on walks people always stop us and ask us what kind of dog he is. Of course he is in that teething stage, so we are really working on him to "play" with his toys. The instructor also gave us the idea of dipping a tea towel in chicken brooth and then rolling it up like a bone and freezing it - he really likes that. We are really happy with how well he has done on his toilet training - he very rarely has an accident in the house!!
Our camera that has the pictures of Gus on it is on the fritz right now so I am sorry that I can't send you any pictures. I will keep you posted on our puppy classes and how things are going.

Rhett moved to ND with Jenn, Jason & Zeke...

Jason called and it sounds like he adjusted on his first night and did very well with the drive and even Zeke has decided he might have a play mate too. Rhett will also be part of their daily runs...

Hi Kathy,

Just a quick note to tell you that Rhett is doing well. He is an absolute sweetheart and loves to give affection. He and Zeke are the best of buds. Play constantly, when they are not napping. We absolutely love the newest addition to our family. Thanks for a great dog.

Jason and Jenn

Guiness moved to MN and Danica and her mother drove 6 hours to come get Guiness and they fell in love imediately with him. Looks like he's found a great family...

The drive went very well and Guiness is doing awesome. He seems to feel right at home here with the kitties. I saw the picture online, such a great one! Ill have to send you some but unfortunately I lost part of my camera charger, so I'll have to get them from my mother. Thanks again. His full name is Mister Guiness Kisses : )
Take care,