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Thanks to all who purchased a horse or puppy! We appreciate the pictures & comments. Keep them coming!!

Razzie moved to MN. He has a great new home & loved by all...

Hi, here are a few pix of Razzie, or Spuds, Marilyn wanted a name near Cassie, our recently lost Blue Healer. The pup has captured the heart of everyone who has met him; as a matter of fact, don't be surprised if you hear from a couple who saw him at the farmers' market. They asked for your contact information.
Our grandkids were down today, they wanted to take him home, offered to trade one of their dogs or both if necessary. He's great with Ava, who's the little one in pink, lots of kisses both ways, and Grace just loves him.
Our vet said she wouldn't get anything done if she had him, would just play with him.
We have a stray cat in our neighborhood, that some kids abandoned when they moved. The cat even likes him. Had animal control guy out to take cat to impound, couldn't catch it, but said he'd never seen a cuter dog.
We'll keep you informed of his progress, we're really enjoying his personality, he's a sweetheart.
Later, Dave & Marilyn

Trinket moved to NE and has stolen everyones heart...she's got a great family!
Isn't Trinket beautiful? She knows her commands pretty well, Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, No. Now there's a little command called COME that Trinket never heard of. She turns off her hearing when she hears that word. If I had a picture of me at 65 yrs old, in a nite gown, bare foot, at 5:30 A.M., chasing Trinket, chasing a rabbit, through the neighbors yards, under decks, through flowers and so on. JOY Come to her means she has to go in and she doesn't like having to go in and I don't like having to stay out. Our new fence should be here in 2 weeks. Not that we don't love our animals. I know it would be cheaper to teach her come. I will do that but it is not fair to keep Trinket in just because an old lady wants to go in. I will be writing from time to time with pictures. Take care.
Always, Jo

Trinket is beautiful. She is unbelievable. Her bark is a howl (makes you laugh). Her ability to jump and the height she jumps is unreal. Her disposition is beautiful. I couldn't be happier. I do get very jealous tho, because she doesn't like to be separated from her baby. She does not like the car unless she is held. She is too young yet. Bessie doesn't like it either. It will come. I'm not worried. Her stance is great and natural, alert, fearless but casius. She would be a beautiful show dog if that were my intention. Unfortunely, she is my baby, spoiled, and I love her to death.
Always Jo

Gretta & Gracie moved to WI this grullo overo and a grullo Quarter filly also...just don't have a pic of both together & they have found a great home with the Murpheys!!

Hi Kathy,

We made it home safe and sound. The girls are doing great. They did so good on the trip and they have settled in nicely so far. I will keep you updated. I just wanted to tell you that we are very pleased with them. This was the first time that we had ever bought a horse sight-un-seen, so we were a little nervous about it, but we are thrilled with them. They are everything you said they were and more.

Thanks again,
Rocking 3M Ranch

Fancy Face moved to UT and sounds like they are very pleased with her...

She's home!!! Wow she is better than expected! My hubby has bonded with her! hehehe! They got along very well on the trip and he just loves her temperment. He says you have done a good job with her! (remember he is NOT a horse person, but she may have won him over!) I will send you some pictures when I get them. Thanks so much!!

Thanks again for your patience you have been wonderful to work with!!!

Kirby stayed in SD & he's got a great family...
Kirby already has himself stuck to Cody. That is great. I don't think we'll have any trouble with him knowing whose dog he is! We love him, and I
want to thank you for everything, we will get some pictures to you within a couple days. I'm anxious to see how pretty he is as an adult. He is going to be beautiful when all his normal aussie hair comes in.
None-the-less.....we LOVE him!
Thanks again!

Hi Kathy,
Kirby is feeling more at home now. This morning he was super playful. I think he felt a little insecure yesterday and didn't do much playing. Cody is in love with him. He took him for about 4 walks in the hills and bless Kirby's heart he is right at his heels at all times. I'm so glad I decided to get him, Cody needed something to call his own, and tend to. And there was NO kennel last night, he was in Cody's bed all night. I don't think he even go up once!
We are very happy, and we will send you any customers we can.

Karly/Trixie moved to WI and she has found a great home!!

Hi Kathy & Mike,
I just had to write and let you know that I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my new little girl. I wanted to write so much sooner, but my internet was on the fritz.....

Anyway, all the great minds in my world gathered opinions and Karly has been re-named "Trixie". She seemed to take to the name change very well.

You would be so proud. She rode so well in the car. It was unbelievable - did you feed her some puppy qualudes before the trip, because she was as sweet at a lamb and I was sooo jealous that Lori got to bond with her through the whole trip while I was driving!

She's still working on the potty training, hasn't quite grasped that she needs to let me know when she needs to go, but we're making progress.

She's getting along great with the boys. She and Herman have a love-hate thing going on. One minute they're sleeping side by side, then playing and wrestling and the next it's a no holds barred quarrel, but they're learning their boundaries. Clifford is my older, somewhat crippled (arthritis) little guy and she knows to keep a little distance. They have done really well.

I couldn't be more pleased and promise to get some pictures to you as soon as I get my brother here with the technology to download some pictures!

Thank you again and again. I'm sure I'll be coming to you for more in the coming years!!!!

Beth, Clifford, Herman, and Trixie

Rufus moved to UT & is loved by all...

Hello! It is Brooke Morris. We bought a little puppy from you back in October named Twister, who we then named Rufus. Perhaps you don't remember, I do apologize for how long it has taken us to give you an update and pictures; I have no excuses.

I just want to say how much we LOVE Rufus. I can't believe how lucky we are to have gotten such an amazing dog. He is a small little guy, but I wouldn't trade a thing about him. He has the sweetest personality and temperment and is so well behaved. He already knows sit, down, roll over, stand, jump, and "leave it" on command. We want to try frisbee and catch this spring, but so far he doesn't seem as interested in those games. He is obsessed with stuffed animals.

We love to take him hiking, snowshoeing, running, walks, anything outdoors and at 8 months he is great on and off a leash. He is a great companion.

We literally can't go anywhere without people stopping us and fawning all over him. They always ask us about him and can't get over how cute he is. He is a show stopper! And I will tell you what, he LOVES the attention. If any human looks at him and smiles, he is at there feet with his little butt wiggling like crazy. He just seems to love all people and dogs.

I just can't thank you enough for hooking us up with such a great dog, I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks to Jackie from Runamok for sending us your way. You were great to work with. Here are some pictures of our little family.

Thanks again! Keep in touch!
Brooke, Luke and Rufus

Max(Kasey) moved to MD and is enjoying his new family a lot by the sounds of it...

Hi Kathy & Mike,
We have had a great day! Even got Max to the vet today...the vet was very delighted to see another mini aussie. Didn't get to weigh him today because a puppy had apparently chewed the wire in two to their digital floor scale recently. He'll be going back this Friday to get neutered so maybe it'll be fixed by then. Also gave Max and Gracie their first baths today (separately), towel dried, brushed, then blown dry with the hair dryer!! They both tolerated the complete experience rather well! Their fur is so soft and Max's is especially fluffy. They have played together wonderfully, no growling and no cowering from either. We have enjoyed playing outside on our still frozen snow and ice covered back yard. ( Did I mention we lost a tree in the ice storm when it gave way and landed a bit on our roof--luckily no damage) They have been running around this enormous pile of cut tree limbs all day. We have taken lots of pictures and the kids and I went to Petsmart this afternoon and got Max his new collar, leash, and name tag, food bowl, snacks, treats, and oh yes more toys! Even found him a squeaky bone!! He and Gracie have been sharing her large water bowl with no problems. He's not had an accident today. We've been giving them snacks. We just can't help ourselves! :-) We'll restrain ourselves tomorrow!! And hopefully it'll just be a passing thing!..... Thanks again for talking with me last evening. We're just so pleased to finally have him!! He seems to be pretty happy with us too! Please watch your mail for our photos! Thanks so much for your kindness, responsiveness, and enthusiasm!! Take care!! Cindy

Hey Kathy!! I wanted to drop you a line since I have my computer out of storage and up and running. Remember your Kasey, our MAX? We got him flown into Reagan Nat'l Airport in February this year after having waited a couple weeks for the weather to get warm enough for flight?? Well we moved to West Virginia- Clarksburg- me and my husband's home town in June. Max absolutely loves it!! So does our female mini aussie, Gracie. My folks have 75 acres and they are having the time of their lives!! Max has actually grown taller than Gracie. He's probably a good 17 inches at the shoulder. And boy is he sturdy!! His presentation is very stocky and his coat is just beautiful. He has just about caught up with Gracie in speed however she remains able to out corner and out maneuver him!! I'm really glad that we got Max because he and Gracie are so much fun together. I love to watch them romp in the 'yard'. I hope we can get some current photos to you soon. The original film is somewhere in storage. UGH!!!! So glad I found your website!! Love your new puppies! Have a great Thanksgiving!! Take care, Cindy, Jacob, and Dylan

Freckles moved to ND and hope to have a picture coming!

Hi Kathy this is Shannon I purchased a puppy from you last fall his name was Freckles we re named him gentry and I just wanted to thank you again he is one of the best dogs I have ever seen, super smart and very quick to learn I just wanted you to know you raise wonderful dogs and we are very happy to have him as part of our family thanks again. Shannon