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Thanks to all who purchased a horse or puppy!
We appreciate the pictures & comments.
Keep them coming!!

Hi Kathy,
Tramp is here safe and sound.
He is soooooo cute!
Once he got out of the crate he was a little wobbley,
but then he was running around the yard following the boys.
I think he was really happy to get some exercise after his long trip.
Ethan loves his new puppy!
Thanks for all yor help.
We will email you some pictures tomorrow.

Brody/Cinch moved to NE & goes to school every day.

Hi Kathy & Mike,
I will get you some pictures of Cinch as soon as I can. Thanks the kids love him and he is doing great. He comes to school with me everyday. He is very good. Thanks again.

Hi Kathy,

The girls are beautiful! They arrived into Albany just fine. Pat and I were very anxious to greet them. They are quite the pair! (shown below)

Brenna, now called Callie (blue merle pup) had a good first night in her new home. Her big brother, Cole is doing just fine with her. We all went for a big walk today and played ball in the fields. My kids are thrilled to have such a beautiful little girl in our lives. We will send photos as she grows!

Thanks again,
Lisa Durkee

Dear Kathy,

My family and I want to thank you so much for our beautiful girl. Brenna, now called Callie arrived safely on June 23rd. Thank you for all you did arranging her shipment. She is very sweet, well behaved puppy. She is inquisitive, investigating everything in the house and yard. I can tell that she and Cole, our Border Collie are going to be great friends! Everyone we meet remarks about her beautiful coloring and two different color eyes, one blue, one brown. She is very special.

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Durkee
Georgetown, MA

Hi Kathy,
A little over a year ago I bought a puppy from you. You called her Brie, we call her Callie. I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great! She is a wonderful family dog and gets along great with our border collie Cole. Thanks for the recent message regarding sugarless gum. I would not have know that and our Callie does get into some things. Hope you are well.

Take care,

Lisa Durkee
Georgetown MA

Maddie moved to CN. They made the long drive but seems it was worth it!!

Hi Kathy & Mike,

We decided to rename Britta to Maddie. I hope thats alright with you. Anyways back to your question she is doin great she has made lots of cat friends though right now she is feelin that it is her duty to herd them in to a corner which we are starting to teach her not to. She has adopted well to living both indoors and out and is very intelligent already she knows how to get our attention in when she needs to go out for a bathroom relivment. We looked up Waldo's girlfriends name and it is Wanda in case you want to use it for future puppies.

Thank you so much for her


Braxton/Capone moved to Utah! Even though it took some doing he's with his new family and very much loved...

Hi Kathy. Just wanted to let you all know we got home safe and sound today.
We absouluty love Braxton. (His new name is "Capone.") He did very well on
the way home. We couldn't believe how great he was in the car! He is such a
doll! But he can also be very stubborn! If he doesn't get his way he lets us
know by prancing around and then giving us a little bark to let us know he
wants something! He has definatly attached himself to my husband. The first
night Capone did not want to sleep in his bed. He cried and barked the first
part of the night, so my husband took the comforter from the bed and slept
on the floor with him, next to Capone's bed, then he was ok! After that we
all found out who the boss was, CAPONE! He has slept on the bed next to my
husbands head from then on. He loves to play with all of his toys and
carries them around with him through out the house and even outside. We had
so many people want to see and pet him on the way home, he just loves all of
the attention that he gets everywhere he goes! He almost seems upset if
someone walks by without stopping and saying hello. He has made friends with
my 20 year old cat, and prances and dances around her for attention. Thank
you so much for allowing us to bring Capone into our lives. He is so funny
and has already made us laugh so much! We will keep you updated. Attached is
a picture of Capone we took on the way home. Thank you again for all of your
Alison and Ty Swartzmiller

Brie/Queenie (on left) moved to NY & has a great home!! These two little girls shared the plane ride it worked out great for all...other pup and family shown right above!!

Dear Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know how Queenie is doing. She continues to grow and is a beautiful very smart little girl. She brings such joy not only to my life but to my other dogs. She is a great addition to my family. My German Shepard allows her to pick on her something awful tugging at her tail and face. She just adores Queenie!!

Thank you so much I love her to pieces.

Pat Rung

Carson stayed in SD & has settled into a great home!

Hi Kathy!

Well, right now I am working at my computer and we just had a walk about 2 hours ago. My cat is 3 feet away and up on her window stand napping and Carson is down by my feet. So, my worries about the cat and dog thing are really gone. I know even in more time they will get more casual with each other - they are still checking each other out - but if they are doing this right now, then I know it will only get more comfortable.

OK...I didn't believe your raw chicken thing...I am sorry. But, I continued to read info from a natural doctor I like and he supported what you said. So, I gave him a raw chicken neck today and it was the first time he really snarfed something up. (Well, I made up a mixture of raw scrambled egg and a bit of dog food and he also lapped that up yesterday.) He is doing great at night with the crate - it's like he knows it is bedtime! Yeah!
And my daughter loves coming home to him after school.

I love how affectionate Carson is, but not hyper. He only barks at times you'd expect a puppy to bark (usually being left alone), otherwise a very quiet pup, he is a bit scared of the cat (as you thought) - and that's good for now, and he seems very trainable. We've had a few accidents as I would expect. And they were my fault, as I'd gotten busy and not paid attention. But, he knows how to go down to the slider and go outside to the bathroom right away and then wants to come back inside. Very smart little guy.
Wow, I must really like this little guy a lot, as I've written paragraphs on
him! OK, I better go back to work!!!

Kathy, thanks again for checking on me. It is nice to know you are there.
And Have a great and warm day!


Dear Kathy,
I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Carson. I am working in my office right now and he is napping. He is sooo cute! I hope to get him around other dogs a bit more as it gets warmer and we go to the park…he is so curious about everything – and so smart! (And we are working on him NOT chasing the cat…just like we had to work on the cat to NOT eat our bird!)
So, again thanks. He’s given us a lot of laughs already and he’s getting into a routine. Let me know if you have more puppies coming and I will mention your site to anyone interested!

Laurie Chaplin, MS, LPC

Cindy bought two grullo colts and is very pleased with them both...they moved to Larchwood, IA & she is sending a picture soon...
Hi Kathy,

Just want to tell you we are so pleased with the babies. I have not brought home any nicer foals in the times I have bought. We went for the filly, and you KNOW I love her, but we are so impressed with the stud colt. His build is just perfect--to me. They made it through the night just fine, and I fed them a small portion of grain with their hay this morning. We will be good friends by Monday!

Thanks again.


Dakota Pie moved to Marsing, ID! And has found a great home, seems he's loved by everyone and earns his keep also :0)

Been wanting to send you a photo of Dakota Pie. He sure is smooth to ride and he'll watch a cow. We usally argue "who" gets to ride him.

Mary Blackstock