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Jinx moved to OH & is well loved as you can tell.

Thank you so much. He is an awesome boy. We named him Jinx. I'm going to have my husband download some of the pictures and send you some. He is such a smart guy. I completely spoiled him and he has his own bed along with many, many toys. He is so beautiful. I haven't wanted to go to work. He is doing really good potty training too. I'll be curious as to how big he gets, his paws are good size. We all love him. Thanks for the baby pictures too. Thanks again!

Tango moved to TX and found a great forever home.

Hi Kathy here is another pic of the new member of our family KC, now known as Tango. He is warming up nicely!!! We all love & adore him and could not be happier. We have started the potty training and he is doing excellent!! We take him outside every hour and a half and have had no problems with him tinkling on the floor. He even goes to the door to kind of give us a clue if he needs to go. What a smarty! He is a joy and our family just adores him. We will keep the pics coming, but for now thanks again and will talk to you soon!
The Laird Family

Kojo moved to Las Vegas he gambled and WON big time & found a super home!

Hi!!! He got here safe and sound!!! He is so cute!!! And he does love giving kisses! At first he was shy but he seems to be settling in fine. He sure does live cuddling and kissing! He is awesome!!!! Thanks so much again! It's so funny he is actually with me at church right now in the back of the kids classroom just watching everyone! :) He loves to kiss, cuddle, and loves people!!! He is so amazing and so adorable! He is the perfect fit for us and has learned things so quickly! We love him!

Kristen & Eric

Not sure how much you remember me but I was the woman from Vegas who bought Kojo! :)
Just was thinking about you and how thankful I am to have found you because I absolutely love Kojo!!!

I wanted to update you on Kojo. He is doing so good! He listens great and still likes giving kisses and cuddles so much. He is growing to be a healthy dog! He is currently 13 pounds, 1 year old, healthy, and absolutely handsome! He goes all walks all the time and liked traveling in the car! Thank you for the opportunity to have Kojo!

Hope all is well with you!
-Kristen Bihr

Breeze & Shade moved to Belgium and found a great new home!
Hello Kathy
I have many friends who come to see Shade this week. All of us say that he is the better stallion in my home. He is very quiet, he is more beautiful in reality than in the pictures.
I very happy too and I think he have many mares to breed this year.

Thank you for all Davy

Hi Kathy
Breeze is just arrived now. She is very gentle and very quiet just like Shade. I bought 2 very good horses from you.
I will send you pictures when she's foaling

Kilee stayed in SD & was a Birthday present for Leah from Mike! She's in very good hands as Leah is a Vet Tech. I took her to work with me and everyone loves her. We decided on the name Lucy. Everyone wanted to hold her, and cuddle her. She is a wonderful dog.
Thank you again,
Leah & Mike

Milee stayed in SD & looks like she is in good hands!
Her name is Milee now and she is doing great! My boyfriend and I adore her! She is loved and spoiled :) She is getting so big and very smart! She loves to cuddle and loves outside! I'll send you pictures of her when she gets even bigger!! Thank you!

Dakoda moved to OH & has a great home!
Hi Kathy,
Things are great! He is perfect :) everyone here loves him! he gets lots of attention. He loves going out to the barn with me and spending time with the horses. I just took him to the vet to get his heart worm meds and he is a very healthy happy pup! I cant believe how fast he is growing! As soon as i get some pictures uploaded to my computer i will send you some pictures :)
Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know my puppy is doing great! He is very spoiled! In this picture, we were in the grain truck hauling some beans to the elevator! We go everywhere together and I couldn't have asked for a better dog and companion. Thanks again!