*~Meet Belle, Klancy & the other Aussie Klan~*

Well where do I start with these two, Belle & Klancy...they are my kids. They are quite the pair both very loving, loyal, intelligent (too smart at times), fun, protective and OH they have great herding instincts too!! Quick to learn so start training right away when you get your new puppy. Always wanting to help, protect & serve as great watch dogs. Nothing gets by them as they are very alert and on guard 24/7. Very good with kids and other animals. Little hard on fowl as they make for great toys and they herd to easy, plus Belle likes to sit on them.
These two below are my faithful companions & house dogs. Sadly I lost my great friend and companion Klancy and I will miss & remember him always!! Sadly after 17 years my Belle has passed on. What a loyal and faithful friend. She is extremely missed!


"Remember an Aussie is a Friend & Family Member for Life."

They are super intelligent very fast learning and very easy to train. They learn commands very quickly, have boundless energy they love to play, have wily personalities, unbeatable work ethics, they are your constant shadow they like nothing more the being with you and bond very closely to you & not to mention their striking appearance!! They take a while to warm up to strangers & are good natured and not aggressive. They can be highly protective of their property. They have a natural tendency to herd; whether it be sheep, children, guests, or small animals and may nip at their feet to get them moving.

Pictured above is my niece Alexis & Maggie, a pup I gave my parents.
Part of their 50th Wedding Anniversary present!


*Prairie Rose Thanxalot* aka~Allie is Registered APRI, ASDR & NSDR, she is about 16 inches tall. Her sire is OFA'd excellent & dam is OFA'd good. She is the mom to Bailey & Riley (below).
*Reference Only Allie has found a forever home*
Allie's Pedigree


*MK Baileys Irish Bluz* aka~Bailey is APRI & ASDR Registered. She's about 15 inches tall & loaded with herding instincs. She is out of Allie (shown above). Her grandsire is OFA excellent & granddam is OFA good. This is Lillys Mom.
Bailey's Pedigree



*MK Irish Bluz O Riley* aka~Riley is out of Allie (above) she is a blue merle, marbled eyes, awesome conformation, super disposition & loves kids & to herd. She is the goof ball of the bunch!!


*Kats Get A Wiggle On* aka~Lilly is ASDR Registered and is out of Bailey (shown above). She is 16.5 inches tall & loves people once she gets to know you. She has the Aussie instinct to check you out first then love you!


*Rim Fire Kut A Rustee* aka~Sawyer is 15 inches tall and a flashy Black Tri. He is ASDR Registered. He is my buddy, loves being close to me. I got him when he was older & he wasn't well socialized but I am working on that. He is very happy and lovable though. Has a beautiful coat and conformation & his puppies are very nice!

NuVet Supplements

I feel strongly about NuVet Supplements and feed Taste Of The Wild (Grain FREE) and also do Raw feeding.

*Best Friends*

"Ordinary" dogs have tails, and Aussies are NO "ordinary" dog...

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