Lilly's puppies all found great homes! Thank you all!

My kid testing crew below...


"Ordinary" dogs have tails, and Aussies are NO "ordinary" dog...

When choosing a pet keep in mind that male puppies make better pets than females. Males on average are more outgoing and friendlier than females. Females on average will be more independent. ALL pets need to be spayed or neutered to prevent cancer, unwanted pregnancies, and will greatly reduce the possibility of unwanted marking behavior--both males and females will mark their territory. This is not a male-only behavior.

Tinsel moved to ND. Thanks JoBeth! Noel moved to MA. Thanks Chris! Frosty moved to MN. Thanks Kim & Cody! Faith stayed in SD. Thanks Elaine!
Ebenezer & Kringle moved to ND. Thanks Vicki! Eve moved to ND. Thanks Angie! Scrooge moved to ND. Thanks Jan!

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NuVet Plus can help prolong the life of your dog and cat and can help eliminate most ailments GUARANTEED!

I feed Taste of the Wild (grain-free) dog food!

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