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  MARCH 2018     RESERVATIONS  225-0182   SITE:   ABERDEEN
  month/year     CALL BEFORE  9:00 A.M.        
            1 DRI-24 2 DRI-1
              Hot Turkey Sandwich   Roast Beef
              Macaroni Salad   Potatoes/Gravy
              Mandarin Orange Dessert   Carrots
              Peanut Butter Cookie   Peaches
                  Dinner Roll
5 DRI-36 6 DRI-52 7 DRI-51 8 DRI-11 9 DRI-26
  Beef Stroganoff   Roast Pork   Creamed Chicken   Swiss Steak   Salmon Loaf
  Noodles   Mashed Potatoes/Gravy   Buttermilk Biscuit   Mashed Potatoes   Creamed Peas
  Mixed Vegetables   Carrots   Peas   Cauliflower   Fruit
  Fruit Sauce   Applesauce   Pineapple/Mandarin   Apricots   Brownie
  Whole Wheat Bread   Cookie     Orange Sauce   Whole Wheat Bread   Whole Wheat Bread
      Whole Wheat Bread   Cookie        
12 DRI-23 13 DRI-47 14 DRI-32 15 DRI-3 16 St Patrick's Day
  Meatballs   Ham and Bean Soup   Goulash   Turkey & Dressing   Mulligan Stew
  Mashed Potatoes/Gravy   Egg Salad Sandwich   Green Beans   Mashed Potatoes/Gravy   Corn Bread
  Carrots   Tomato Spoon Salad   Apple Crisp   Broccoli   Pistachio Pudding w/
  Mixed Fruit   Oatmeal Raisin Cookie   Whole Wheat Bread   Carrot Bar       Pineapple Salad
  Whole Wheat Bread           Whole Wheat Bread   Peanut Butter Cookie
19 DRI-37 20 DRI-55 21   22 DRI-16 23 DRI-27
  Beef Stew   Baked Pork Chop   Honey-Glazed Chicken Breast   Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup   Lemon Baked Fish
  Buttermilk Biscuits   AuGratin Potatoes   Parsley Buttered Potatoes   Chicken Salad Sandwich   Rice Pilaf
  Waldorf Salad   Peas and Carrots   Winter-Blend Vegetables   Mandarin Oranges   California Blend Veggies
  Rainbow Sherbet   Cookie   Ambrosia Salad   Cookie   Peach Crisp
      Whole Wheat Bread   Whole Wheat Bread       Whole Wheat Bread
26 DRI-58 27 DRI-6 28   29 Easter Dinner 30  
  Chicken Tetrazzine   Meatloaf   Basil Baked Fish   Baked Ham / Raisin Sauce    
  Green Peas   Oven Roasted Potatoes   Sweet Potato   Baked Potato/S.Cream    
  Honey Fruit Salad   Squash   Broccoli   Green Bean Casserole HOLIDAY
  Vanilla Pudding   Fruited Jello   Five-cup Salad   Pineapple Upside Down    
  Whole Wheat Bread   Whole Wheat Bread   Whole Wheat Bread        Cake    
              Dinner Roll GOOD FRIDAY
MEALS APPROVED BY:  REGISTERED DIETITIAN           All meals include milk