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Welcome to Northern Valley Communications Members Personal Web Space.

Before your personal web space is made available for you to use, please contact Northern Valley Communications so that we can enable your personal web space. You may contact us by phone at 605-725-1000 or write us at

Please use your personal dialup username and password in the form above to access your personal web space editor. If, however, you were given a different username and password, use that username and password given specifically to you to gain access to your personal web space editor.

Be sure to look at the excellent online documentation that is provided inside your personal web space editor. Reading the online documentation first will get you started faster and with fewer problems.

Your personal web space is located at where your_username_here is the username you use to login to your personal web space editor. For example, if your username is wilsong then your personal web space is located at and if your username is gregh then your personal web space is located at it's that easy.

You must create an index.html file first before anything will be viewable in your personal web space. The software we are using will force an index.html page to be made when you create your first page. This page is also known as a home page and it will be the starting point for anyone visiting your personal web space. Any other pages created in your personal web space editor should be linked from your home page ( index.html ). We have allowed for several different types of files to be uploadable into your personal web space, from images and documents to sound files and zip archives, even home created html pages can be uploaded as well.

We hope you have fun and enjoy your personal web space. We feel that the personal web space editor is simple enough for the beginner with no knowledge of html coding yet powerful enough to help the intermediate and flexible enough for the more advanced.

Disclaimer: Northern Valley Communications and the manufacturer of the personal web space editor software are not liable for any loss of connectivity or data. We provide this service as-is for our own customers and clients only. The Members Web service is subject to the guidelines contained within our Acceptable Use Policy and any violation will be dealt with accordingly.

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