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Thank you for taking a look at our WEB site, we aspire to keep this section dedicated to current project activities.  We are ready now to start our annual project-wide fundraiser to raise "cash match" money for use in next fiscal year's budget; July 1st through June 30th.

About half the money needed to operate the Senior Meals Program comes from the government and the government requires local money be raised before they will pay the Project for the meals we serve.  We call this up front money - cash match.

The Time Frame for this project-wide fundraiser is April 1st through May 31st.  Each community selects several weeks of their choosing in which to collect donations.  Local collectors are responsible for submitting donations to the Administrative office; however individual donations can be made directly to the Administrative office and each donation can be portioned to any number of communities in the Project Area.  Donations are accepted any time during the year.

Area IV is a 501-C-3 private non-profit organization and donations to the Project are eligible for Income Tax Deductibility, receipts are available upon request.

Some communities opt for Fundraising Events to raise their cash match, most events centering around meals and raffles, most communities select the straight forward cash donation option the Supporter Card fundraiser offers.  Please contact me with your questions and comments at  605-229-4741 or                   
                                                                                        Emily Richardt, Executive Director


Click Here for Goal Amounts by Community