How To's
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Meal Reservations: Let us know if you want to use our meal service. The economics of our program work better if we know how many meals are expected at our service locations. A variety of times and methods are in use to collect meal reservations. "Regulars" are intimately known by the program and we know when they will not receive our meal, but for those persons who participate at random......... an advance sign up or a phone call the day before is strongly suggested. Many locations still allow "the morning of" sign-ups; please contact your location for additional information (See Nutrition Sites).

Home Meal participants have special needs and are expected to receive the meal each serving day.

Payments: Meal participants can pay what they want for our meal service. Confidentiality is a high priority for the project as is our economic viability. A suggested meal donation schedule is available. The full cost of our meal changes each year, at this time, full cost is projected at about $7.50 per meal.